About Paulinka :

I was born and raised in The Netherlands, so I am Dutch ! I started out my life singing in the

cradle, playing the violin, earning a masters degree in violin performance, playing in a string

quartet and teaching Suzuki violin and viola. But my love for animals made me become an animal


My first time of consciously communicating with animals was with two guinea pigs living with one

of my sister's friends. It was amazing to get something  that  I couldn't possibly have dreamed of !

and the animals demonstrating that they absolutely heard me and showing the owner totally

opposite behavior of their usual ways. Would you like to hear what your animal is thinking and

                                                                                                                                                     feeling ?

 I am a big fan of Quantum Healing and teach anyone who is interested, to be Present, which is the place of Authenticity. In this state our

 body is in healing mode and can process rapid changes. Amazingly enough I have been able to use this with animals just fine and have

 had great results. It has quickly become my specialty.  Quantum Healing is a great modality to use to release old emotional patterns that

 have gotten stuck in our body, causing all kinds of discomfort and physical ailments.


 Lately I have also noticed a dire need to help other Sensitive and Empathic people. Life is tough as is and wouldn't it be nice to  live in

 this world with the proper skills : to not take on other's energies at a young age and know how to deal with sensitivity in a sometimes not

 so sensitive world. So I am teaching these skills. I can finally say that being empathic is a gift. Are you empathic and don't know

 how to deal with it ? Let's do a session !


 I do encounter and remove ENTITIES during sessions on occasion.

 Have you ever noticed SUDDEN excruciating PAINS that seem to come out of nowhere and cannot be explained, or being extremely

 dull in the head for no obvious reason, or feeling angry or depressed if this is very unlike you ?          

 You may have picked up an entity. I will clear them and you should instantly go back to feeling yourself again, clear in your head and with

 those excruciating pains gone.

 I will also teach you how to remove them yourself in that session, so you will feel EMPOWERED to recognize and clear yourself in the



 I have studied Animal Communication with Nedda Wittels, Amelia Kinkade and with Kristin Thompson through Animal Spirit Network,

 from where I received my certification as a professional animal communicator. I have studied Quantum Energy Transformation (TM) with

 Joshua Bloom from The Quantum Healing Center.


 And here I am today, finally doing what I was meant to do, consciously communicating with animals, plants, trees and nature spirits plus

 doing Quantum Energy Transformation sessions with animals and people.

 It is my PASSION to BRING MORE UNDERSTANDING for our fellow animal beings into this world.

 I want to help people to CONNECT MORE FULLY with their animals and BRING MORE JOY AND HARMONY into their lives.

 I want to help animals and their people RELEASE UNWANTED THOUGHT PATTERNS that eventually cause physical ailments

 or help them RELEASE PHYSICAL AILMENTS that come from old emotional trauma.

 I LOVE working with people on a spiritual journey, who are discovering who they are and want to work through their issues and unfold.


 Coming from a background of extreme shyness, anxiety, fearfulness, low self-worth and easily being discouraged, I have worked

 on myself since I was 10 years old. I was wanted and loved as a child, but was not accepted for who I truly was. Various health issues

 like back pains from scoliosis and digestive issues got me searching for answers. Combine that with high sensitivity, and it was hard

 going through life and enjoying myself. Life felt like an uphill battle ! I found many tools along the way leading to where I am right now.

 Releasing on all those issues with Quantum has been absolutely liberating and transformational !! I feel whole and balanced and free

 from limitations now, what a gift.       

  I have come across many Souls who were never even wanted by their parents and I truly feel for them. We can work through that !!

 If I can do it, you can too ! And you can get there faster with me

 These are difficult and often stressful times. I totally get it. I've been there !

 Do YOU need some help with any or all of these life aspects ? ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU.

 Together we will overcome your adversaries and challenges and create the new you.