Adding a kitten on to our family of three dogs


On the Fourth of July we found a little 8-week-old kitten in the middle of the woods all by himself, a little bag of bones.

We drove straight to the store and picked up some cans of cat food, then drove to the vet to see if he would take it. The vet was closed for the day, can't blame him, so we drove home and  I called some people from around who have cats and couldn't find anyone who wanted to take it.

We named the kitten Dash, for making itself comfortable on the dashboard in the truck while driving, after eating some much needed food. So I sent my husband to the store for some cat litter and installed Dash in the spare room for now. With three big dogs, such a little kitten wouldn't have much of a chance of surviving in our house.

Dash turned out to be a little boy, and  very beautiful black and white one with all white whiskers and very symmetrical markings and just a very sweet personality. I posted him on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in taking him. I talked to a friend who was volunteering for a no-kill cat shelter, but she couldn't take him to a foster home (where kittens go) until the end of the week.

It is really amazing how Dash managed to land in our house and worm his way into my heart in so little time and then let me know that he was settling in nicely and not going anywhere !!

He was doing everything right, right away, using the litter box, purring up a storm, being social and cuddly and not at all afraid of the dogs ! He turned out to be the perfect cat ! Now how to convince the dogs that having a cat would be a great addition to our household . . . . . to be continued.