Dash sets to work


Dash was totally unfazed by all three dogs outside his door. At first Dash was so very little, he weighed in at 2 pounds, that I kept him far away from the dogs.One bite would have been fatal. The dogs were very curious, to say the least. They were also a little frustrated that I was spending so much time in that room with the kitten and they were getting less time with me. I started out with taking one dog in the room for just a minute or two, so he/she could check out the kitten with nose and eyes. Eventually I opened the curtain in front of the door, so they could see him through the french door and that's when Dash became doggie tv !

The first couple of days, Dash was mostly eating and sleeping. Slowly his sticking out little bones got covered up and he grew a round belly. The stronger Dash became, the more playful he became, and soon he was literally dashing through the room at great bursts of energy, playing with toys or imaginary things. He certainly knows how to entertain himself ! The dogs became obsessed with watching him ! Dash ignored them completely. He would play right in front of their noses as if they weren't there !

I felt that Dash needed more stuff to do and  got him a little harness and took him outside to explore the yard on a leash. The dogs had to be locked in the house or on the deck for that. Remarkably, the dogs showed respect when I asked for space when I walked through the house with Dash-in-harness on my arm to the door. That gave me hope that they would learn to accept him. Out of the three dogs, only Mona had this naughty look on her face, she wanted to eat Dash !

to be continued . . .