Dash gets to explore the rest of the house


The next step I took, was introducing Dash to the rest of the house, while the dogs were outside and not able to come back in. Dash took this very seriously and discovered all the nooks and crannies and came back with various cobwebs on his face and whiskers from behind the washer and dryer and the basement area.

I really wanted him to know the house well, so he would know where to go to be safe. Tess was the first dog that started wagging her tail for Dash and seemed to be having conversations with him through the door. She was also the one who had actually asked for a cat a few years back. But she also is a serious huntress. She was a wild wolf in her previous lifetime ! A bit later she wagged her tail for Dash though and sniffed him and licked him IN his room, so she was the first dog to allow inside the house while Dash was roaming the house. I kept a good eye on her and kept her from following him everywhere, but soon I fully trusted Tess with little Dash.

Griffin was next. He was also getting the idea to be calm around Dash in his room. Then I took him and the kitty in another room with more room. That was a lot harder for him. I had to tell him a down-stay a few times. I got a little discouraged, but Dash reminded me that everything would work out just fine ! He seemed to know exactly what he was doing !!

to be continued. . . .