Dash continues to amaze me


I didn't have time to tell the rest of the story before leaving on my trip to Indonesia, but little Dash was safely in the rest of the house with all three dogs before I left on my trip. My husband never thought that would be possible, but there it was ! I put some chairs in strategic places so the dogs couldn't run through the whole house after Dash, but soon Dash was playing with his mouse or with a dog toy and having a blast. Sometimes he just hang out with them. Absolutely no fear and absolutely always in control. He just knows exactly what to do, how fast to run and what direction to go.

Fast forward to a month later. I am back from my trip, more about that some other time, and Dash wants to do what the dogs do : they get a treat, he needs a treat, they go for a walk, he wants to go out now too. He dashes through the house at high speeds, will stalk the dogs and make his flashy attacks and retreat at the last moment just inches from the dogs faces. Mona, who wanted to eat him, is now playing with him and they chase each other around the house. We don't need a tv here to be entertained ! We have a big decision to make, because Dash now wants to go outside and he is still little and there are many predators around here in the woods, so we are not really keen on the idea for him to go outside. I have let him on the deck to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, but he surprised me by jumping off the fairly high deck ! I might have to keep him on a harness and leash for now in order to go outside supervised. In the meantime we ordered a kitty toilet training kit and it has arrived and we put the litterbox in the bathroom right next to the toilet. Eventually we hope he will use the toilet for his needs instead of a litterbox. The kit promises us that is obtainable in just a few weeks. Let's see.