Dash makes a dash to freedom


It had to happen one day, Dash got out ! I had been cleaning up in the house and walked out onto the deck with the recyclables on my arm, I grabbed him but couldn't hold onto him and he was gone. Now here was a choice I had to make. I could freak out, get worried, start chasing him OR hope for his safe return before dinner and consider this an adventure for him. I decided that worrying would only manifest what I chose to be afraid of, which is of course totally counter-productive. In the meantime he had gotten neutered and had his rabies shot, which is what we had decided on. The only thing he had not, was a collar on with a tag . . .  So i went about my day for the next two hours, Tess was looking out for him by the window, and after about two hours he was back home ! Yeah ! I was very grateful.

The next day, Dash wanted to go out again and started screaming when I wouldn't let him. O boy. When I came back with the dogs from our walk, Dash slipped between 12 dog legs and got out. Where there is a will, there is a way ! So now this is pretty an everyday thing. I don't want the dogs to chase him around the house, so I let Dash out when I come home from the walk. The dogs go in and he goes out. I only let him out by day light and I want him to be back inside by the time I need to leave. I must say, the arrangement works wonderfully. Dash comes home within a two to three hour period and when I tell him he needs to be inside by a certain time, he actually comes when called.

Today was his first day in the snow. He jumped outside on the deck and froze, lifted one footie at a time and shook it, smelled the snow, wanted to almost come inside again, then decided he could live with it and trotted off. He's quite the character.

How was Christmas with your animals ? We had such a wonderful time. Dash even got a piece of fresh salmon from my husband Steve ! and he got a four foot long stuffed toy snake, since he loves to drag 'dead' animals around the house, the bigger the better. Plus a cute cat bed and treats . . . .