Single sessions for Quantum Transformations and / or Animal Communications are $ 125 each.

 Various packages for multiple sessions is available.

 For Quantum sessions regarding Allergy Clearing and Age Clearing, I recommend a series of three sessions for the price of $ 350.

 We can release on more issues in a series of five sessions for the price of $ 575.

 For really amazing transformation and growth, sign up for the 90-day package, 12 weekly sessions for $ 1250.

 For the truly motivated, sign up for twice a week sessions for 90 days. You will not need more than that and will be able to continue this work on your  own at the end of this time !!! A gift of a lifetime to yourself for $ 2500. Check in with me for availability for this one !!


 LOST ANIMAL CASES are $ 200 regardless of how many times we connect and regardless of the outcome.

 GIFT CERTIFICATES are available.

 I will gladly donate one Animal Communication or Quantum session a week for a rescue case.

 Please contact me at 401-397-4348 or at paulinka@footprintsonmyheart.com