Grey Birch speaks :

"Give up all resistance, feel the flow of the breeze, and just dance in the moment."

"Love, but don't be attached to the outcome."

"Feel the grace in all Things."

On my way to work one day, a hawk flew right above the road towards me and while flying slowly, he bowed to me and I felt such heartfelt greeting, i bowed back to him in reverence. That night I tuned in to him and see the hawk fly from a branch and he lands on my arm. His message is : "Now you walk in reverence for all life and hear our messages, it is time to fly and soar. Listen to the Voice of Spirit and follow its guidance. This will lead you to where you need to be." He spreads his wings and lowers his head and I see the wind under his wings trying to lift him up. "Align yourself with the wind and let it carry you to where you want to be." I understand all of a sudden that i don't have to put any effort into things, but when I align myelf with the flow and surrender, it will take me ! I will reach far and beyond the imaginable ! "Remember !" says Hawk and flies off.


Wisdom from my dog Joep from the Spirit World : "Fear is just an emotion. it teaches you to look at something carefully and deal with issues. Nothing more, nothing less. Fear is a great teacher, LOVE IT."