Preparing For A Session

When you contact me about an Animal Communication session, I will  e-mail you a form, that I call animal intake form. This is a Word Document that you fill out. Then find a good quality photo of the animal that the session is for, with the eyes clearly showing, and insert this into the form, or attach this in the e-mail together with the form upon return. I would like to receive this form and photo 24 hours before the session. I would also like to be paid before the session.

While you may be all excited about having the session, it is best if you take a moment or two to really get calm and quiet. Find a nice quiet space where you can't get disturbed by anyone and sit quietly. Explain to your animal that we are going to have a session and what kinds of questions you have that you would like answers to. Talking out loud is good, even better is if you can visualize this by thinking in pictures. Our animals are all telepathic and this language is universal ! Now if only all people spoke this language . . . . Your animal doesn't necessarily have to be in the room with you, but it can be fun to watch them respond to what is happening in the session. It doesn't matter if your animal is awake or asleep, but having a calm animal does help.

When I tune into the animal, I go into a slower brainwave, I relax, and my mind gets out of the way. That way I can receive incoming information from the animal in the form of images, feelings, emotions, phrases and knowings. There may be very quiet moments in the session, I take my time. it is in the stillness that we receive information. I will then tell you what I received and listen again for more. There is a real flow to this. A calm and harmonious environment works best for that. The deeper I can go, the more layers and detail I get.

You might want to take notes during the session.

For a Quantum Energy Transformation session with an animal, I also like having a good picture of the animal, but I don't need much info since I tune into the animals' energy field and work directly with that. I can do this over the phone or via Skype or on an appointed time by myself and e-mail you the gist of the session later.

For a Quantum Energy Transformation session with a person, I like doing these over the phone or via Skype.