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Some reasons for Animal Communication sessions :                 Some Reasons for Quantum sessions :                       

Is your animal behaving in unusual ways and would                Have you experienced a great loss or trauma

you like to know why ?                                                         and can't seem to move on ?

Would you like to solve behavior problems ?                           Do you have unexplained fears or emotions ?

Are you wanting to add an animal family member on ?             Do you have physical ailments that don't  

Do you want to know how your animals feel about that ?         respond to traditional solutions ?

Do you want to prepare them for that moment ?                      Do you get triggered easily ?

Do you want to make sure this is the right match ?                 Do you suffer from anxiety or depression ?

Are there changes going to happen in your home situation?     Do you feel stuck in your life ?

Are you moving and want to prepare your animals for this ?     Are you easily overwhelmed ?

Is there a baby on the way or is someone moving out ?             Do you want more joy in your life ?


 Are you a highly sensitive, empathic person, who would love to feel more comfortable in your body  

 and in this world ?   

 Do you want to thrive but don't know where to start ? Let's find your joy, your purpose, your balance, your

 inner strength, your vibrant health, abundance and wealth !!


 These are just some of the reasons why people use me !

 I can help you with any of these situations and more. Let's do some Quantum work !

 If you provide me with good questions for your animals, I can find out the big picture for you.

 Animal are amazing teachers.


 I work long distance and do live sessions over the phone or Skype in English and Dutch.  

 If an animal  is involved, I like working from a good quality picture of the animal with its eyes clearly  showing. The eyes are the windows of the Soul !

 Before the Animal Communication sessions, I will send you an intake form. I ask you to fill that out and  return to me, including a good photo of the animal(s) we are going to talk with.  

 In case of multiple animals in one session, maximum 2 per session, please submit photo of each animal.

 Sessions may last from 45 minutes up to an hour, and please reserve at least an hour of your time and  make sure you won't be disturbed during this time.  

 During our Animal Communication session, I want you and your animal to feel deeply heard and listened  to, accepted and supported in all matters that come up. With a deeper understanding, change comes  naturally and easily. One moves into a better place. I am here for you and your animal to facilitate that.      

 For a Quantum session with a person, a photo is unnecessary since we connect directly.                                               



Disclaimer :  Animal Communication is not an alternative to or substitute for good veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, or healthy exercise. I am not a veterinarian, I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs or perform surgery.

Disclaimer : Quantum Energetic Transformation (TM) is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment. If you have or suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, you should consult your appropriate health care provider. I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or any type of medical practitioner.



"I am 83 years old and was recently diagnosed with glaucoma and cataracts. After our Quantum sessions, I can now read without glasses again and watch tv. When I get up, I am limber and I walk straight up again. I am so much more relaxed too. Thank you so much." - P.R.


"Paulinka is Magic ! My body already starts releasing energy before we start the session !" - Erich M.


"The best healing session I ever had !" - Ellie G.


"Thank you so much. That was therapeutic ! Spike has been acting MUCH better . . . and relaxed . . . and we all have not shouted or raised our voices or done negative things inside the house. I took him for a walk that day after our session and he really did behave. This is so neat !"  -  Karen G.


"Thanks so much for the opportunity to have an animal communication session. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was so fun and helpful ! I am slowly implementing some changes based on our session. And it was helpful to talk about incorporating a dog into the household in the future. I do want the cats to understand that a dog will be able to live peacefully with them is top priority, so it was good to bring that up with them and have some reflection on that. My kitties and I thank you !!"  -  Rosalynde V.D.


"Beautifully done, thank you for making it so comfortable. You transitioned beautifully and it seemed to just flow. Oudie went to physical therapy last week and yes, her injury is on the left side. You were right on the money with that. It was really wonderful to have you facilitate the check in with these animals. Thank you."   -  Jill S.


"I would like to thank Paulinka for the wonderful job she did communicating with Niki. His personality traits came through beautifully, as well as his habits. Paulinka's kindness and compassion definitely complement her animal communication skills. She translates the telepathic messages received in a very gentle, meaningful way. She was exceptionally thorough in working through the challenging issues that I presented in my questions for Niki. Her insightful and helpful suggestions have inspired me to be a better human companion to my horse. She is an excellent animal communicator and I look forward to working with her in the future ! - Jody E.